Great times”Hef passed away from natural causes at his home

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replica handbags china On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday we would all go out and then back to his room. Some of the toys were like a Dyson Hoover.”Katie paid tribute to Hef after he died at the age of 91 on Wednesday.She took to Instagram to say goodbye to the replica wallets publishing magnate.She shared a picture of them sat together alongside the caption: “RIP Hugh Hefner”.She later added on Twitter: “What sad news this morning of this lovely man. Great times”Hef passed away from natural causes at his home, the best replica bags famous Playboy mansion.Katie, 39, spent a lot of time at the mansion aaa replica bags in her younger buy replica bags online days, and was pictured many times cosying up to publishing legend Hef.In one snap, replica bags buy online she even plants a smacker on his lips, and in another, poses with him in front of her Playboy cover.And recently, Katie admitted that her life could have gone in a very different direction had she pounced upon an opportunity to sleep replica designer bags wholesale with Hef when she lived with him back in 2002.But rather than turn him into a notch on her bedpost, Katie decided to mark her territory in a completely different and very gross way.Instead, she admitted on the Cardiff leg replica bags from china of her current UK tour, she urinated in the Playboy Mansion’s infamous grotto to let people know she’d been there.Hugh Hefner’s 30 year old wife Crystal Harris ‘will inherit nothing after signing iron clad prenup and never being added to his will’. replica handbags china

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