This is how the BJP government works

Today, all these states are developing. This is how the BJP government works. In 2014, TRS had assured that the state will have a ‘Dalit’ Chief Minister. “Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan shaheed ho.” from Shaheed (1948). Possibly the first movie in Independent India on the freedom struggle, the Dlip Kumar starrer had one of the most uncompromisingly heart felt ode to freedom fighters. “Shaheed teri maut hi tere vatan ki zindagi/Tere lahu se jaag uthegi is chaman mein zindagi/Khilenge phul us jagah ki tu jahaan shaheed ho.” was rendered by Mohammad Rafi, while Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and Ghulam Haider provided the lyrics and the music respectively..

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